Mobile Screening Unit Print

The Mobile Health Screening Unit is specially designed to help employers meet regulatory requirements for health
screenings cost-effectively. Easily transported from its base in Crete, Nebraska, the unit is staffed by trained occupational
health and safety professionals who draw upon the expertise of a network of health-care providers familiar with the needs
of employers. All our technicians have been trained and meet the CAOHC and NIOSH certifications.
Our health and safety screenings are reasonably priced, and are determined by the number of employees being tested
and the screenings required. We offer a wide variety of tests to help you meet your OSHA and regulatory requirements,
some of which include:

Quality Health Screening At Your Work-site

If you’re sending employees off-site for occupational health and safety testing and training, you may be losing valuable
time and money. Reduce your costs and increase your efficiency by using mobile health screening services that bring
mandatory health screenings right to your work-site. Convenient And Confidential

When you schedule the Mobile Health Screening Unit for your facility, you and your employees receive:

  • Cost-effective, convenient screening during your work hours
  • Confidential testing in a comfortable environment
  • Information on referral sources and ongoing care
  • Experienced occupational health professionals who conduct thorough, accurate screenings
  • On-time reports that meet regulatory requirements

Convenient and Confidential Reporting

  • Confidential testing in a comfortable environment
  • On board  Employee Notification Letters in ten different Languages (PDF)
  • Reports generated in Paper and CD or your company can retrieve Electronically from RCCN's secure web page 24/7.
  • Reports Included:
    • Company Summary (PDF)
    • Medical Referrals (PDF)
    • STS Report (PDF
    • Recordable Shift Report (PDF)
    • Employee Roster includes continues sound level meter readings for employee’s tested (PDF)
    • Subject Audiograms signed by employee  and or Subject Notification letter(PDF)
    • Employee History Questionnaire (PDF)
    • Daily Calibration List (PDF)

Meet Regulatory Requirements

Our Mobile Screening Unit is equipped with the latest in high tech OSHA-compliant equipment, so you’ll receive quality screenings that meet regulatory requirements and help keep your workforce healthy. We’ll meet with you to schedule
and set up the appropriate screenings for your company. If you have specific requirements, RCCN staff will work with
you to help you meet them.

For more information or a quote please contact Stewart Huneke at 402-826-3737 ext. 4 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it