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For Companies with in-house Hearing Conservation Testing Programs.

RCCN will provide secure,  accurate, comprehensive reporting.

Your audiometric testing program is only as good as the reporting and documentation that is generated. Our
software analyzes data, creates customized reports, allows for follow-up testing faster and more accurately.

RCCN does not require the use of Employee's Social Security Numbers (SSN):

In order to address the growing concern over the use of SSN"s as the unique identifier for employee medical
records. RCCN assigns or uses client's unique employee identification number. It is a 1-9 digit number and
is unique to each client's employee. This allows RCCN to maintain the integrity of the employee's test records,
stored with in our system, without requiring the employer to provide the employee SSN.

Every RCCN report is available to customers in real time, 24/7, at

RCCN"s Web-based access is firewall protected, password accessible capability enables RCCN clients to
access, upload or down load there data in a secure protected environment.
RCCN easily can import existing client data from all type of sources.
Reporting of results will be tailored made for the client all reporting can be provided in hard copy, CD Disk, or
Retrieved from our secure Web site.

    For more information or a quote please contact Stewart Huneke at 402-826-3737 ext. 4 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it